Reverse engineering the estimation and sourcing data to make an interactive visualization of Indonesia’s COVID-19 vaccinations

An Instagram post went viral in Indonesia on the first weekend of February. I saw the post numerous times on Instastory and some even shared it as a post. Interestingly, the content creator is actually not from Indonesia. It was The Straits Times, a Singapore-based media source that stated the data was from Bloomberg, a news outlet based in America. The latter who is more well-known, but had nothing to do with the former’s Instagram post, was reprimanded by Indonesia’s Presidential Chief of Staff, telling them they (Bloomberg) should learn more.


The viral post is a table that shows…

Process behind making interactive live stream for Indonesia’s first and largest virtual fashion event

At the end of June last year, Samara LIVE (known for Ideafest) was kicking off their plan to hold a virtual fashion event and reached me to help them on the interactive live stream. I was tasked to develop the idea and make it happen in 1.5 months. It was going to be the first fashion event after the pandemic hits and forbid such important event to the fashion industry to be held offline.

Samara wanted something different than just a livestreaming of fashion show. They invited many talented names from multiple disciplines like Jay Subiakto (director) and Anton Wirjono…

Vaksinasi Covid-19 di Indonesia: Membuat Estimasi dan Visualisasi Interaktif dari Data Terkini

Originally written in English: Bloomberg Says > 10 Years, but How Many Years Is It Actually?

Sebuah post Instagram viral di Indonesia pada akhir pekan pertama bulan Februari. Post tersebut muncul berulang-ulang di instastory dan beberapa bahkan membagikannya dalam bentuk post. Menariknya, si pembuat konten bukan berasal dari Indonesia. Pembuatnya adalah The Strait Times, sebuah media berbasis di Singapura yang menyebut datanya disadur dari Bloomberg, sebuah media massa yang berpusat di Amerika Serikat. Bloomberg — yang lebih populer tapi mungkin tidak tahu menahu tentang post Instagram tersebut — malah jadi yang diminta Kepala Staf Kepresidenan Indonesia untuk “belajar sini dululah”.

Can we keep the personal touch it used to have? Concept design for a tech-enabled coffee chain

Photo by Samia Liamani on Unsplash

At the end of February, before pandemic hits Jakarta — when we all thought that everything was just fine — a coffee chain contacted me. They’re the newly anticipated brand in the rise of tech-enabled coffee chains in Indonesia following the success of China’s Luckin Coffee. They told me they were going to build an app and looking for a freelance UI/UX designer to help them.

I met with the head of engineering and their founder the next day (yes, they said they’re in a hurry). We talked about things like my design process, their business, and the market. I’ve…

Materium online catalog’s case study

Recently I’ve been talking to a lot of people — either potential clients or even employers — about my work. They are usually curious about my process from understanding the brief to making decision on design, experience, and technical stuff. One of the most talked about project is, so I think it’s worth to share the process on Medium.

Materium is a furniture brand that aims to bring about the change of how we live, work and do things in between. The brand was designed in collaboration with Thinking*Room (where I worked) in 2019. Just few weeks before their…

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